World Map GIS

Title: Empowering Global Urban Development Through GIS: The Case of World Map Integration


This case study explores the global impact of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on urban development, focusing on the integration of city data into a comprehensive GIS framework on a world map scale. By leveraging GIS technology, cities worldwide aim to enhance their urban planning capabilities and foster sustainable growth.


Cities around the world face numerous challenges related to urban development, including population growth, infrastructure demands, and environmental concerns. Traditional methods of urban planning often struggle to address these complex issues effectively, underscoring the need for innovative approaches.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges cities encounter is the lack of centralized and accurate geographic data. Existing data sources are fragmented and often incomplete, hindering comprehensive planning and decision-making. Additionally, the absence of spatial analysis capabilities limits cities' ability to understand spatial patterns and plan for future development.

MD Towkib Tanvir (MG)
Business Consulting
August 05, 2023
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