US Heat (Choropleth) Map

Title: Harnessing GIS for Urban Development: A Case Study of US Heat (Choropleth) Map Integration

This case study explores the utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to drive urban development, focusing on the integration of US heat data into a Choropleth map framework. This innovative approach aimed to enhance urban planning capabilities and promote sustainable growth strategies across various regions in the United States.

In the United States, urban areas face multifaceted challenges ranging from population growth to environmental sustainability. Addressing these challenges requires comprehensive spatial analysis and informed decision-making, which traditional methods often struggle to provide.

The Challenge:
One of the primary challenges encountered in urban planning across the US was the lack of a unified platform for visualizing and analyzing heat data at a granular level. Existing datasets were often disparate and lacked the spatial resolution needed to effectively identify heat-prone areas and prioritize mitigation efforts.

MD Towkib Tanvir (MG)
Business Consulting
August 05, 2023
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