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Noman Karim

Chief Financial Officer

Hello, I'm the GIS Analyst Team Lead at The Innoventures, with over three years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My role involves turning raw data into meaningful insights for our team. In GIS, I go beyond the basics. I'm a guru in crafting vibrant, insightful maps using advanced tools like QGIS and ArcMap. I don't just represent data; I tell compelling stories with each map, making them powerful tools that captivate and convey complex information.. My expertise lies in understanding land use patterns. I analyze data to uncover hidden spatial patterns, providing a deep understanding of geographical intricacies. This analysis contributes significantly to our strategic decision-making, ensuring that our insights are not just informative but actionable.

Senior GIS Analyst
UI/UX designer
Financial Management
Team Leadership
Graphic Designing